Should you be branding yourself on social media?

No, the answer is you don’t have to brand yourself on social media. You also don’t have to dominate.

Social media has become the most critical form of communication in our generation, if you’re not on it, it’s likely that people will even forget you exist and I’ve seen it happen first hand and it’s even happened to me.

I could not express the importance of branding yourself in one short blog post but I will do my best and hopefully you get the idea. I don’t need to continuously post about my company, product, service or opportunity because all I’m doing is branding myself and driving content that I know my target audience wants to consume. By branding myself, people are attracted to me instead of “x” company, product or service and I truly 100% believe that people join people first, they doing join businesses.

Let’s talk about what platforms you should be on social media… first of all it all depends where your audience is. For example, if you are a chef, and releasing recipe books, I don’t recommend you trying to hit up grandmas who are making plans for thanksgiving dinner over Snapchat. Instead, you could use Pinterest, and write a short little article titled “5 simple Italian appetizers for thanksgiving dinner” and then link your recipe book at the bottom. Your older grandma is probably more likely to open an email (start an email list) and click the link to your Pinterest article over watching your lit Snap story. Get it?

Facebook: This is the centre of all social media, or your “main hub” if that’s what you want to call it. Facebook currently has over a billion active users, and the messenger app has literally revolutionized texting in my opinion. Go play around with it and see what you can do, I prefer to use it over texting in my opinion. You can even make phone calls and video calls with it, and my favourite is the voice messaging option. One thing to understand about Facebook is the algorithm it uses; you will continuously see posts from people who you are giving likes, comments and shares with the most at the top of your feed, and vice versa for your friends. I have increased my numbers on Facebook by connecting with a lot of people through messenger, and driving content. Mainly video content, but that’s a whole different discussion. One more point is that Facebook is most definitely not dying out! I always hear that (mainly from people who don’t use it.) It’s growing more and more, and remember with the algorithm, that Facebook doesn’t suck. The accounts and people you are connecting with and follow suck, and that goes for any platform. Basically if you don’t wanna see dank memes every time you scroll through your news feed, unfollow/unfriend the accounts that are consistently posting that.

Twitter: This was my favourite platform from 2009 when I first got it till about 2012. It’s still great, just for different things in my opinion. This is basically the birthplace of hashtags, which have now become part of people’s language when they talk, and you see companies using hashtags for branding and that’s become normal. Twitter is still a great spot for a news feed today, but it’s also a great and easy way to find prospects and consumers who would be interested in your content and value. Also, the graph search on there is phenomenal. Wanna drive content to your Snapchat? Literally type in “Snapchat” in your search bar and you’ll see the magic you can swing.

Instagram: In 2011 when I first hopped on this platform, it was cool to take a picture of your coffee and add a filter and it was the coolest thing ever. 500 days later, the company does over $1 billion, Facebook buys it out, and today it is one of the most consistently used platforms alongside Snapchat. Why? It’s simple, you literally just scroll down, there’s not much to it. Yes you can DM on there and stuff now too, but photo and video content on there is great, especially the option to have 60 second videos. The thing is, now it’s harder to build your brand on there because you’re competing with other experts in any niche that have professional photographers and videographers to work with, so you’ve gotta find a way to be creative, and that will depend on what it is you’re trying to put out. Pro tip: USE HASHTAGS and you will be reaching out to a lot more people on a much larger scale than Twitter and Facebook.

Snapchat: Okay, here it is. You’ve seen me mention it in almost every paragraph, why? Because it is literally the most powerful and intimate platform that currently exists. It’s the one spot you have people’s attention! Think about it… someone has to literally click your name to view your content instead of just scrolling up and down. That effects the consumer now on a subconscious level. Most conversations I have with my warm market, now remember what I’m doing because they saw it on Snapchat. Do I need to say it again? DOWNLOAD THE APP! Post consistently. Another HUGE benefit to this, is that you’re not really competing with anyone unless you’re just simply not taking advantage of it. You’re not competing with professional photographers/videographers like other social platforms, and… you can literally post ANYTHING onto your story and people will consume it. Why would someone spend their time to click your name and be interested in watching you pet your cat? I honestly don’t have the answer to that… but it’s happening. Think about that.

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