1MDB gets so boring…

1)We are very simple people.We still tend to believe whatever we read.And the earliest news gets our attention the most.

2)1MDB is slow;reacting rather than going on offensive.They wait for someone to “leak” something. .and only then respond.They are losing on the “freshness coefficient”.Thus,they get to be so boring.

3)The authorities are even slower.By the time,AGC comes out with a statement,the leaks are deeply ingrained as the absolute truth.

4)I suggest it’s time for Malaysia Inc to go out and attack the naughty folks spreading the lies.

5)Institute a full public enquiry on the affairs of 1MDB NOW.Lets have all the players on the main stage telling us the real truth.Show the world our pristine we are.Show the world the baddest intentions of Sarawak Report,Edge,Wall Street Journal…

1MDB…don’t be so boring please.Lets roll up our Gucci sleeves and hit them crazy bald heads hard.