A rose is sometimes a rose.

There are two school of thots on vaping.Each with merits but both not the final solution.

The final solution is of cos,no smoking no vaping and no addiction.But we live in a less than ideal world.

One concept,as adopted by MoH is “smoking cessation.” They hv spent a lot of money on their Taknak programmes and the Quit Smoking clinics.But number of smokers have steadily increased.

Despite a period of recession and increasing cost of cigarettes,number of smokers have increased by 1.6 million.Obviously,the smoking cessation programme is not a roaring success.

UK adopts a different concept ie “harm reduction”.Simply,rather than seeing their citizens continuing with the high risk smoking,it’s preferable to migrate them to the lesser evil of vaping.

Their key message is as follows;

Cancer Research UK adopts the same principles.

UK have proper surveys;unlike MoH reliance on unsubstantiated information.For instance,they have surveys of smoking and vaping trends.

The data shows quite clearly that vaping is on the increase whilst smoking declined.

The big question now.

Should we continue to insist on our Smoking Cessation approach?Or should we give some space for a Harm Reduction option?

Ketum is not Vaping.

Ketum is not Vaping.

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