Year End reflections

Malaysia is a very sad nation now.Sad for many reasons.But for me,the biggest disappointment is that too many people believe in fairy tales.

1)Conspiracy by a Chinese tycoon to topple Najib;who manipulates TunM to do his bidding

2)Unknown Arabs or is it Arab or is it even an Arab or could “it” even be a nation giving big donations and wishing to remain anonymous.

3)TunM is Mahyuddin puppet.

4)TPPA is good cos cars will be cheaper.

5)Arsenal will win the EPL

6)UMNO supports hudud

7)Vaping is bad for health;more harm than cigarettes and alcohol

8)MRT is cheap.

9)BRT is cheap

10)ERL is cheap

11)Pakatan Rakyat is against direct nego concessions

12)Kursus kahwin overseas is better than a local one.And without Kursus kahwin cannot kahwin.

13)Arsenal will win the EPL…oops…thot I listed that out but worth a repeat.

14)We are on track to the High Income Economy.

15)Our household income will be RM10,400 in 2020

16)Cost of living is lower with GST.

17)Golfers have handicaps thus it’s all right to provide them with overseas trips and golf simulators.


I think the creators of the fairy tales thinks we are dumb and getting dumber.Sadly…I think they are right.Have to be dumb to be safe now.Don’t ask questions else you can end up in an orange costume.

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