“Everlasting Memories Of Amal”

The very first day at amal when i was very confused after joining i was thinking that it will be wasting of time i am perfect person in everyway. but after entering it totally changed my perception.The friends i made are best part of amla academy. i leant every person has its own quality, he is special in some way in some field.

i think i enjoyed more just in three months than my 4 year education. and friends i made are best choices in my life. amal totaly changed my view about teachers. teachers can be your best friend.i found ma’am khadjia ,ma’am samar, ma’am sara the best teachers of my life. i learnt lot of things from them. they treet me life a friend.

I want to mention few of my friends that become now part of life and i want to remain in contact with these friends througoutmy life. Zunaira you know she is best person i ever met , her smile , her way of humour, way of talking is just amazing. anam ,she is just awesome girl ,may be you can say most likely girl ever. she is just amazing her way of talking is awesome, she is very helpful girl.and most beautiful girl farheen there are no wods to explain her, she is awesome and super girl, all fellows are amazing, you people are just awsome

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