How To Become Most Valuable Person In Your Workplace And Throughout Your LIfe

I have learnt lot of things during my amal fellowship, i want here to mention my few of learnings. if you want influential person and most respectful person in your organisation and in society, you sholud follow some of Rules,and some qualities that you should develop in yourself.

people whoprogress in organisations are very pro-active they are over communicative, they are dedicated persons.I learnt in amal how to be most valuable person by just doing simple things.i will quote one of example in amal fellowship. Mr. Yousaf is known very active person throughout the fellowship, how he achieved this position, why everyone takes help from him, why even teachers spoke about him. here are some rules he applied.

  • He was very proactive
  • He was very Helpful
  • He was dedicated person
  • He was the man of rules
  • He takes initiative, like making whatsapp group,saving every fellow contact number.
  • Arraning trips etc

These steps makes him the most valuable person in fellowship. If someone apply these rules in organsiation he can also become like him. Hence these are simple rules which you can will be more respectful and will gain more progress in your life by applying these rules. so start it start it now

Gud Luck.

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