Visionary story, from a $ 100/- to a $ 100 Million.

Khalid “Ken” Parekh is a leading IT thought leader and visionary, best known for his work as founder, chairman, and CEO of AMSYS Group. He has a proven track record of building healthcare and tech companies from the ground up and turning them into multimillion-dollar juggernauts.

Backed by his philosophy, “Our word is our honor, and our honor is our word,” Parekh took his vision — and an initial personal investment of $100 — to turn AMSYS into the $100-million international company it is today. By providing unparalleled service, Parekh has helped his clients save money and increase their business profitability across six verticals — technology, healthcare, capital, blockchain, energy, and real estate.

As a result of his success, Parekh has been awarded numerous accolades including Houston Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 and Fast 500, the HBJ Leadership Award, INC 500/5000, Fast Tech 50, and several Ingram Micro awards including the Rainmaker, Professional Services, and National Provider awards. He also has been featured in several media outlets including Houston Business Journal, Indo American News, Biz Journals, Texas Business Radio, among others.

Always striving to create positive change, Parekh recently founded his own charitable organization, Zariya, to provide children in impoverished communities with tools that lay out the foundation for educational and personal development. In his spare time, Parekh serves as the the CIO of an investment firm and was formerly chairman of a healthcare smart solutions provider.

Parekh’s wide range of experiences have now led him to his latest endeavor, AMCHART, a patient-driven electronic healthcare record system backed by blockchain. AMCHART is poised to be the latest powerhouse in blockchain development and healthcare, potentially changing the way the world accesses patient and provider records forever.