You want to make it in tech, then do this…

I always thought I had to be some type of genius, felt maybe I had to be a “mark zuckerberg” or a “bill gates”.

I set a expectation on myself that I had to be something I wasn’t to make it in tech but it wasn’t the case. I learned that tech is big enough to just be yourself fully and find a job that fits you.

I learned that you should find a job that fits you and not a job that you have to force yourself in to.

When you can fully be yourself, you bring more value to yourself and to the company you work for.

It took me five years of bad practices and mistakes to realize that I don’t have to fit a mold.

It is a myth that you have to do something you don’t want to do. That is a myth. Tech has literally thousands of roles…you have to find what works for you not just because it looks nice. If you love to write, be a technical writer, if you love to talk, get involved in tech sales. This is where self care matters. No one wants to go to a job where they are stressed as soon as they start the day. And that is first unfair to you and you bring no one value when you are stress because no one wants to work under that pressure. Here’s an unpopular myth, people best work happens when they are free of stress.

Don’t about how you are going to achieve this…I will openly share my five years of mistakes, and save you the hassle from going through that….because whew who wants to do that..

#1. Find one thing you are good at, and that you love to do and will bring you peace.

Why is this so important? Stress takes more time off your lives, and I would love to see everyone make it to at least 150 years of age, but in truth when you have peace, when you are doing what you truly love and good at, anything is possible.

If you have no idea what that is, that is okay, the first step that you can do to get started is to get yourself blank sheet of paper or google docs or something to write on and go get a pomodoro timer — this is the one I use —, do 4 sessions, and jot down some things you are passionate about, it doesn’t have to be technical. Last thing you want to do is get a list of technical roles and compare the list to the technical roles and find out which one lines up.

#2.Be a Master of One and Not A Master of None.

Unless you have 10 plus years in the game. Don’t be a master of everything, at best in reality most only know the surface level of most things. Imagine going to your dentist and they say “yeah I kinda sub par on the dentist work, a little of fixing cars and a little bit of being in a band”.

Morally of the story, focus on one thing. If you put all your time on one thing, you will and can be the best at that one thing. Practice makes almost perfect.

#3. Go Talk To Some Human Beings.

If you ever just talked to just talk. This is where it matters. Talking to people is singly the most important skill in human existence. You can literally get a job with no intention of getting a job by talking to some one. One day you will meet someone, let’s say their name is “James”. You talked to “James” for 30 minutes. By the end of the 30 minutes, he found you a great deal on a new car, a new job opportunity, you and “james” are now best friends.

Moral of the story, go talk to some people…if you want, and you fill up to it, you could always send me a message..disclaimer: I can’t buy you a new car..but I will say hello.

I am probably going to butcher this but the world is an oyster or was it the world is your oyster…let’s go with the world has many oysters(roles/jobs) and you just have to find which one is yours..

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I am a software engineer that has a knack for writing about personal and career development. I am also passionate about helping people break into tech.

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Khalif Cooper

Khalif Cooper

I am a software engineer that has a knack for writing about personal and career development. I am also passionate about helping people break into tech.

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