The sound of silence from the NRA
(((Greg Camp)))

As an old white guy who is not a Christian or Republican (but who has no animus to either) I too kept wondering when the NRA would say something useful about this case. I watched the shooting the other night and what kept going through my mind was whether Philando Castile even had time to start to draw a weapon in the time between when he told the officer he was carrying and when he was shot. Its a hunch alone, but I fear that the officer just panicked. But without a body camera, we don’t know.

Also, given that not all situations are created equal, should not the NRA, which now has its own semi-vaunted Carry Guard program, be in the vanguard of teaching people how to properly respond to a traffic stop when they are legally armed? Especially, if they are Armed While Black or Minority? Its absurd that when I write something, I have to refer to a Youtube video about concealed carry and traffic stops made by Guns and Ammo and Massad Ayoob where they are joking around, when we really should have the NRA taking meaningful steps to prevent this from happening again. Instead, as Greg said, we get crickets. Shame on the NRA.