NRA Promoting Civil War in Desperate Bid to Keep Trump in Power
Ladd Everitt

Of course the NRA and the gun industry are joined at the hip. Its not as bad as Bikes Belong, which is a genuine Astroturf organization created by the bike industry, but bicycles don’t spew bullets.

The NRA leadership is truly fucked up and its about time that members of the gun industry and the NSSF repudiate them. But I doubt it will happen. Just as much of the GOP tolerates, if not admires Trump, these organizations think they can benefit by the NRA’s increasingly incendiary rhetoric. When Smith and Wesson offered to work with Bill Clinton et al on some gun safety stuff, the NRA almost drove them out of business. Given more people are living in cities and fewer people are hunting game, the only market left is people shooting people or at least practicing (i.e., self defense schools, etc). Ugh.

Radly Balco’s piece in the Washington Post, linked above, is an excellent read. For those who have not been following Balco’s investigations into violent police tactics, you should start. I had not read his blast (pun intended) aimed at the NRA.

On the other hand, words matter. Referring to the left as “the Resistance” doesn’t conjure up benevolent ideas, either. I’m old enough to recall real resistance fighters in Central and South America and Europe (during WW II). Especially when mentioned after discussing a video showing those black-clad antifa assholes. Let’s not stoke each other’s fears.

As an aside, speaking as a gun nut, suppressors/silencers are undoubtedly more of a dog whistle to the left than a looming danger if taken off the NFA list. First off, there is no evidence that crooks would flock to them. Secondly, they don’t really “silence” anything. Lastly, they are ghastly cumbersome. There are far bigger fish to fry as far as gun violence prevention. That said, I disagree with taking them off the NFA list since I think any potential benefits are not worth the potential risks. I’ve been shooting for over fifty years and can still hear quite fine, thank you.