Interaction Design(mobile application)

On Friday studio, we did manage to experience on how to make a mobile application. We had been divided into a random group and started brainstorming ideas given a problem. As for my project, I chose to make a mobile app that can help in reducing environmental noises. To do so, we did come out with several possible citizen users that had experiences with environmental noises.

image one — potential citizen users for environmental noise .

After that, we did divide again into random group for discussing the features that have in the interaction design especially in building mobile application. There are several deliverable such as do the application support sharing numeric or sensor data, do the application support uploading one geotagged photo and etc.

image two — one of the deliverable in interaction design in making mobile application.

Down here, is the first draft of my application that I called “Safe and Sound”. My mobile application is much concern about ground transport.

image Three — first draft of my mobile application.

Later, I did show this sketching to my friends and did some improvisation to the flow of the sketching. Here is the link to my video so you can watch how to use my application.

Next, i did have experience on how to make an application. To able to draw my own design application give me some space to express my own idea but at the same time have to follow the deliverable features in making the interaction design of mobile application.

To create a solution is very hard where you need as much data as you want to solve the problem. It may be time consuming but with teamwork everything will get easier as we have different experience from the different people. Not just that, teamwork do play a big role in order to maximize the time given.

what i like the most about this project was that we able to play around with the POP(Prototyping on Paper)application. this application was relatively easy especially for people that do not have basic in making application that required programming and software skill. this application allow you to arrange your rough work which is on paper and transform it into a real prototype where they have this features for you to navigate around and it felt so real like you are using a real mobile application. To have a idea how it feels like to use this application, you can try it down here by clicking the link.

<iframe src=”" width=”420" height=”908" frameborder=”0" allowTransparency=”true”></iframe>

This practice can be applied in order to improve certain product. For example, I watched the IDEO video on how they solved the shopping cart problem. They gather as much information as they can from the potential citizen user especially customers from the super market as they encounter this problem when using the shopping cart. prototyping is very important as this phase help the creator or solver to distinguish either the solutions that they about to make is needed by the real world user. this phase allow them to explore various solution before produce it into a real machine. this phase is very important, though it may be time consuming but it will save so much cost.