Panel 2 User Research Report

One thing that i learned from the user research study conducted by Katie Derthick was that, instead we build a solution to the problem, we need to listen and to experience how the Buddhist people adapt the technology in their life since these people are among the oldest generation ever leave. Technology is not just about how it makes our life task easy by how do we encounter them and how do we react with the presence of the technology. The way Katie conducts her research was definitely rooted back to the fundamental meaning of design thinking which is, provide solution based on the rooted problem. How i amazed actually Buddhist people can live without the high technology gadgets compared to us.

One thing that i learned from the Jake Fleisher was that, sometimes things we learnt during undergraduate cannot be fully applied in the work field. It just preparing you to enter the work field while the rest, you need to learn again and gain more experiences. One thing that I learned, was dare to try something out of your comfort zone because you will never know at what limit you can push yourself unless you have tried.

At the end of the panel guest research, they did suggest some classes that we could take to deepen our knowledge which also can be used in the future later when we’re in the major fro instance Anthropology , Psychology or Sociology which emphasis on human interaction. Turns out, in human centered design thinking field is not just about technicality or algorithm but definitely about human needs. We need to find a solution to cater their need. We need to learn human encountered this piece of technology rather than forced them to accept the technology.

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