usability testing (coffee maker)

what did we do?

On last Tuesday, my team and i managed to conduct a usability testing using a coffee maker. We did discuss on what tasks and who were our users for the testing during our last week studio. In order to conduct a testing, we have learned this 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 rule, where we need 27 data as many as possible. Using this rule, we had come out with the possible users which was not a coffee drinker, never use a coffee maker and especially college student who never use coffee maker and what tasks should we conduct on our users.

discussing tasks and potential users.
3 x 3 x 3 x 3 rule

link to our usability testing(coffee maker)

reflection on experience

I think we were having a problem with time and to allocate users. Given time period, it is very hard to find users in order to conduct this usability testing. Luckily my teammates, Sudi had the basic coffee maker and it was very easy to proceed with the testing. I think our testing could be done properly if we given the product and a longer time so the result that we had collected would be very efficient and benefits as possible.

what did i like about this project?

What did I like about this project and can take away from it was that, me and my team were able to experience how to work in a real world application. We were able to see how novice users of coffee maker use and understand the product while having a slightest idea how to operate it. . I felt so excited because able to experience how to conduct testing by taking a notes for the users results, recording the testing and become a moderator during the testing. I and my team were changing positions so all of us were able to conduct all type of tasks.

I think usability testing is very important as it will allow the developer to test the prototype before they are about to produce a real product. By giving the potential user the senses of the product, we could modify on our solution or services before building a real product. For example, the OneBusAway app did use usability testing by spending some times at the bus station and asking the riders if they know what signs were they holding at that time. Asking the users experience could improve our product testing and at the same time we are fulfilling user needs and expectations.