Sociopathic Vote

“Being surprised of election’s result” is going to be a habitude. It’s a sign of entrance of new voters who elect freaking candidates. This voters are exiting about irresponsibility, boldness and other sociopathic characteristics of candidates. Following discussion investigate some new elected politician’s behavior, based on DSM-5 and ICD-10 diagnostic criteria of sociopathy (Bold word are symptoms):

This voters are exiting about irresponsibility, boldness and other sociopathic characteristics of candidates.
  • Gross attitude & disinhibition: Rodrigo Duterte, The president of Philippines, who well-known for kissing stranger and sexual humor although promise to his wife. his behavioral character shows disgusting manner and lacking affect and urge control clearly.
  • Antagonism:Boris Johnson, the foreign minister of GB, who played a significant role in brexit, always have an idea about anyone & anything, especially when subject is Hate-mongering. You find his strange quotes about “female student”, Hilary Clinton, Obama and so on in internet, that shows recognizable aggression & intolerance.
  • Meanness: elected president of USA, Donald Trump, was speaking of Deportations of Syrian refugees and Latin immigrants with Lack empathy. He use of cruelty to gain empowerment and exploitative tendencies. Callous trump shows unconcern feeling of other.
  • Sexual offending & Incapacity to feeling guilt: During USA presidential election, Donald Trump faced through scandal. In a tape, he was speaking about his sexual assault against women without sense of guilt.
  • Narcissism: Duterte, Johnson & Trump, Exaggerate themselves and demonstrate high level of self-confidence. They ridicule their competitors and blame others for following social norms.
  • Deception: it’s a part of politician’s job but this new elected candidates are widely accused to lying. They make populistic propaganda & cheating voters for short-term Interests. Conning others for personal profit or pleasure is a one of antisocial diagnostic signs.
At last I should mention that above politician isn’t suffering sociopathy, he completely enjoying it!!!

Some evidence support that Sociopathic patients can have dissimilar affects on people, from impressions to disgust. It’s originated from their “superficial charm”.Two thing, that make this politician more confusing, are irresponsibility of them and irresponsibility of their sympathizers. They “reckless disregard” for the destination of their nations and mankind. Their sympathizers imagine this misbehaving is kind of courage or being bright, unfortunately who are growing up nowadays. At last I should mention that above politicians aren’t suffering sociopathy, they are completely enjoying it!!!