The Perfect Synergy: lifecache’s Journey to Leadership in the AR Space Meets Apple’s Game-Changing Augmented Reality Headset

Khambrel Roach
4 min readJun 7, 2023

This week’s monumental announcement by Apple at WWDC 2023 regarding the release of their highly anticipated Augmented Reality headset, Apple Vision Pro, has left me overwhelmed with emotions. As the founder of lifecache, a leading global location-based Augmented Reality Content Management Platform, I am filled with pride, satisfaction, and an unwavering belief in the path we have been treading for years. We (+Co-Founder Sean Fenton) foresaw this moment, preaching to investors and people alike that AR is a space worthy of attention and investment, a space that marks the very evolution of the internet, computing and how we understand and interact with digital content. Today, I want to express my sentiments and share the journey we undertook to lead lifecache to its current market position, poised to drive the next level of AR experiences on Apple’s groundbreaking headset.

All who have been iterating and pushing the XR (Extended Reality AR + VR) industry forward for years can rightfully claim Apple’s grand entrance into the space in a very public and proud way as their own personal/team’s accomplishment as Apple has scurried the industry with diligence to supplement their own research and development efforts. As Magic Leap Founder Rony Abovitz once said in true poetic fashion XR is a siren song that destroys the ships of many bright engineers, scientist, and dreamers. But if you taste but a drop of the honey that lays over the mountain — you can not help but give chase. And if you understand the profound nature of doing it right, you will recognize it as a calling, a spiritual quest.” Rony’s words speak to many who have worked in the shadows to bring forward the vision of the XR world we are entering, and they certainly hold true for our team at lifecache. The road to this moment has been riddled with barriers, skepticism, and numerous hurdles faced by a startup operating within such an ambitious and innovative sector. But through it all, we persevered. With no institutional funding backing our platform and team, we remained steadfast in our belief that AR (Augmented Reality) is the future and we pushed forward towards our internal North Star for our platform. Our unwavering conviction led us to secure key industry partnerships with Niantic, Magic Leap, and Qualcomm, positioning lifecache as a leading company in location-based AR. Our relentless diligence to perfect our knowledge in location-based AR coupled with our strategic positioning among industry leaders, has prepared us well to seize the opportunities that now come with Apple’s visionary headset.

With a robust pipeline of enterprise companies and a myriad of attractive businesses in the global Travel & Tourism space, lifecache is set to revolutionize the industry. Our end-to-end platform, encompassing a mobile phone experience, an Augmented Reality Management System (ARMS), and a Mixed Reality headset experience, is poised to shift paradigms in the Travel & Tourism as well as Retail & Commerce verticals. The introduction of Apple’s Vision Pro sets the goal post for all other XR wearable companies, while also opening up reliable revenue streams for XR applications such as lifecache to take advantage of the new emerging medium of a consumer ready AR headset. We, as a company, are honored to be positioned among the global leaders in the AR space to reap the rewards of this next level of computing.

lifecache is group of like-minded individuals obsessed with the potential of AR and its ability to create a new and enhanced world perspective. No vision of this magnitude can be achieved alone, and I owe a debt of gratitude to the incredible team that has powered lifecache to our industry standing today as a platform primed for all of XR’s coming opportunities. Every member of our team has sacrificed, believed in our collective vision, and worked tirelessly to birth a platform that is truly ahead of its class in the AR industry. Today, as we stand on the cusp of a new era, I want to express my deepest appreciation for our team’s unwavering dedication and commitment. It is our collective efforts that have propelled us forward, inch by inch, towards this momentous opportunity.

As I reflect upon the journey, I feel a deep sense of confidence in this moment. lifecache is destined to make our vision a reality. The efforts and experiences accumulated over the years have equipped us with the tools and expertise to bring forth greatness within the AR space. With Apple’s announcement, we are called upon to seize the opportunity, to shape the future of AR, and to leave an indelible mark on the world.

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