New MacBook Pro is not a Laptop for Developers Anymore. Part 1
Alexey Semeney

What I hate in new Macbook Pro are as following:

  • big track pad. How on earth I should rest my palm on forcetouch touch pad?
  • no MagSafe. I really love it it saved my ass several times where I nearly dropped my macbook

About authors points:

  • I never use ESC or F1–F12 keys. Instead I configured Karabiner where I can use ESC in the place of Caps Lock for press and release. For long presses Caps Lock acts as left Ctrl. Moreover space and numbers acts as F1-F12 keys. (However Karabiner not available for osx Siera now)
  • RAM and power was never issue for me since I am using vim most of times. All hard tasks done on servers while building project.

All other things like USB, thunderbolt and MicroSD I really do not need them as developer. Also i do not need this touch bar. Finger printing it seams good for me. Because I am user of 1Password which I hope implement this functionality into their osx application.

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