The Crazy Dream

“What?!? No! This cannot be happening,” Kelly screamed with tears running down her face.

And with that, her door was slammed shut.

She lay on her bed feeling a COMBINATION of emotions and thought, “How much worse can this day get? First I bombed my math test, then I forgot my lunch and now I’m moving?!? This must be a dream,” she thought. “I’ll just take a nap to get my mind off this whole moving thing and the SUBSTANTIAL amount of homework I have tonight.”

She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Soon enough, she was in a very EXTRAORDINARY dream.

She was walking through a forest where everything was SYMMETRICAL. The trees on each side of the path were the same, the plants on each side of the path were the same, even the tiny, gray pebbles on the path were the same. Kelly didn’t know where she was going, but something was leading her down the dark and eerie path. As she kept walking, she got the feeling something MALICIOUS was waiting at the end. This unknown force continued to push her down the trail, no matter her CIRCUMSPECT attitude. The farther along she went, the darker the forest got. Kelly tried to DISTRACT herself from the creepy ambiance by observing her surroundings. Right away she noticed the trees and bushes were extremely DISTORTED, unlike any she had seen before. The branches twisted in loops and curls and the leaves hung long like hair.

“Where am I?” she pondered as she stood still in the trail completely NONPLUSSED at her surroundings.

She took a step forward, taking a big tumble down the major DECLIVITY that seemed to appear out of no where.

“Ouch!” Kelly screeched after coming to a halt at the bottom of the sharp, rocky hill.

She brushed the rocks and dirt off of her and stood up, readjusting to her surroundings. She looked up and in the dim light of dusk she saw….

Part 2

She looked up and in the dim light of dusk she saw a stone wall with graffiti SCRIBBLED so poorly that it looked to be done by a DRUNKARD. The graffiti read: A, A, B, A, A.

“What could that mean?” thought Kelly. She stood there in the dark forest trying to pronounce the weird INSCRIPTION on the rock wall. After a few minutes of trying, she realized she probably looked like a complete COWARD to whomever was her AUDIENCE in the thick, wooded forest.

With that she decided to continue on her journey of trying to find her way out of this ECCENTRIC place. Kelly looked up and noticed that the stone wall in front of her was INCREDIBLY tall.

“How will I get back on the path if it stops here?” she pondered. She scanned the length of the wall and realized she could walk through the creepy, intimidating forest to get around the wall or she could climb the wall.

To make this DECISION, she pulled a coin out of her pocket and flipped it. “Heads, climb or tails, forest.” She then reluctantly threw the coin and it landed with a thud on the dry dirt below her feet. She bent down to pick it up and cautiously revealed the result. Tails it was and off she headed into the pitch black world of its own that awaited her.

She tried to tell herself that she had an IMPORTANT mission that she needed to complete and that she couldn’t turn back, but after what seemed to feel like a CENTURY in darkness, she quickly sprinted back to the stone wall where the moon illuminated the ground. It was there she decided to camp out for the night.

She went to sleep thinking, “When will I ever get out of here?”

Part 3

She went to sleep thinking, “When will I ever get out of here?”

When Kelly woke up, she wasn’t laying near the big stone wall or looking up at the distorted trees above her. In fact, she wasn’t in the creepy forest at all. She was laying in her bed, at her house on a Friday morning. She got up out of bed and let her eyes take a minute to adjust to the VIVID colors of her room.

“I slept the whole night? Wow. That dream was really weird.” she said as she tried to CONDUCT a PHOTOGRAPH of the happenings.

“Kelly come on you’re going to be late!” her mom yelled while talking on the TELEPHONE with her sister.

Kelly got dressed, RETOUCHED her makeup and went downstairs.

She had just enough time to make some oatmeal in the MICROWAVE to REVIVE herself before a long school day.

Kelly’s day was everything EXCEPT boring. During her first class, Mr. Smith’s English class, the principle used the MICROPHONE and called Kelly down to the office. When Kelly arrived, the principle sat her down and said, “I heard you were moving and going to be TRANSFERRED to a different school.”

“How did you know that?” asked Kelly. “Telepathy?”

The principle laughed. “No. Your mom called today and let me know. I just wanted to let you know that I understand if things get stressful and that I am PROVIDING my office as a place you can come to if you need to talk.”

“Thank you,” said Kelly and with that she EXITED the office.”

Part 4

Kelly left the office thinking about what her REPUTATION might be at her new school. Even though she would be at a new LOCATION and would be a NOVICE at finding her way around her new school, she was hopeful that she would find new friends quickly at her new school and they wouldn’t reject her. Maybe she would even be POPULAR.

Kelly made it back to her English class and focused back on typing her paper on her COMPUTER and PUNCTUATING sentences.

The school day finally ended with Kelly going to an appointment with her ORTHODONTIST. Kelly was very surprised when her orthodontist told her she would soon be making the TRANSITION from braces to no braces. Her mom said her REACTION was priceless. Even though Kelly thought she had a SANGFROID reaction.

Kelly left the orthodontist with an excited attitude as she would have a “new look” for her new school — a new smile!

That night Kelly went to sleep feeling happy for once about the move.

“Maybe I’ll like this after all,” she thought as she drifted off into a deep sleep.

That night

She got up from the cold, solid ground and looked up at the tall wall in front of her and wondered, “Why are you here? What is your purpose?”

She stood there and st

By putting one foot in front of the other she made her way into the forest and started her journey of who knows how long…

Part 5

The next morning, Kelly woke up in her bed and exhaled a sigh of relief. It was Saturday!! However there was one downside to this Saturday, it marked exactly one month until moving day.

It made Kelly think, “It will be so weird not going to school with people I RECOGNIZE.” She just hoped her new school wouldn’t turnout to be a DISASTER.

Today Kelly was going to the library with her friend Rachel to study for GEOMETRY. The two had a test over OCTOGONS and TETRAGONS on Monday.

While the girls were in the middle of a very difficult problem involving DECIMALS, the librarian made an announcement.

“Attention library guests, we have a special guest, Ron Bower an ASTROLOGIST and dream reader here at the library today. He will have a booth at the front of the library so feel free to stop by.”

The announcement reminded Kelly of her reoccurring dream. She hadn’t told anyone about it, but she was curious to see what it meant.

“Maybe after Rachel leaves,” Kelly thought.

“I don’t want her knowing about it since it’s quite weird.”

Rachel and Kelly finished studying and Rachel left to go get ready for soccer practice.

This was Kelly’s time to figure out what this dream meant.

She walked up to the booth and waited her turn in the the line that seemed to take DECADES.

Finally it is as her turn.

She stepped into the tent and looked around at her DYNAMIC surroundings.

“Hi I’m Ron Bower, what can I do for you?”

“Well I’ve been having this dream and I was wondering if you had any PRECOGNITION about what it might mean?”

“Sure, why don’t you start off by telling me what happens,” Ron said.

“Okay, well it started off…..