Project 365: Day 341 — I eavesdropped on the weirdest conversation in a gynaecologist’s waiting…
Sanika Tillway

Hello Sanika! I agree 100% with you that what is discussed between doctor and patient ought to be private. The situation you describe is all too common in India, while in the west it is unthinkable. I grew up in Belgium, spent about 27 years in the USA and am now living in India. I love living in this beautiful country, by the way, but am still getting used to some of these unexpected situations.

Some time ago, a friend asked me to accompany her to consult a psychiatrist. This was strange enough for me, but what really shocked me was the fact that the whole waiting room could hear and see the patient’s consultation through the glass door of his office.

Privacy is obviously less valued in some countries than in others, but whether one is discussing depression, pregnancy, gallstones or the common cold, the patient is entitled to some discretion.

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