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Never do these mistakes in your life!

I know some are thinking that the mistakes are good, so yeah mistakes are good, but with timing! In this life road here’s a many up and down , so what you’ll stop walking ?or try to survive? 1. Action without thinking, have you heard that “think before you speak”

“but i thought think before every action” because each habit or action is shows your future, if you want your future bright so think about it deeply,

2.Don’t waste your time, We all knew that we shouldn’t waste our time because time is precious, once you lost it you can’t reget it,but after all of this awareness we react like we don’t know about anything, Am i right? So invest your time in right place;

3.Never be rude with your parents, you know this point is one of the important point, I saw many children who didn’t talk with thier parents politely, instead of it they just shouted on them, it’s wrong because they are very important for us as i told you before,” invest your time in a right place” where people know your value, and yeah! Front of parents if you’re doing something big then they’ll feel proud up on you! And spend your time with your parents , RESPECT THEM , because if you lost them you can’t reget them!

Thanks! For reading and thanks for giving me your precious time!