Pi: The Background State for Everything
Ilexa Yardley

The concepts of yin…yang vary according to the timeline of chinese philosophy and their take over into modern maths and/or philosophies. The usual of yin or yang…yin and yang differ significantly. The earliest mention..written in archaic Chinese…depicts ‘yang’ as the sun’s light striking one side of a hill…sun-side; while the backside of the hill is without the sun’s light…it is light-less..a without yang…this is the correct meaning of yin…usage of a 1 for yang and a nothing 0 for yin would be correct..a heat source..yang….and all else being without heat..yang…is a yin.. Later, associated with confucian and neo-taoist notions…yin / yang take on an equivalency..hot/ cold [without hot]…and also male vs female…these comparisons are wrong and lead to an inaccurate comparison. This also renders much of recent ‘taoist’ and chinese medicine as misleading. Reference: http://waterspirit6x8.tripod.com/

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