. In Chengdu, China, a 6 week old puppy was punished for chewing his owners phone.

. The evil owner poured hot boiling water all over him and then chucked him from a fourth-floor balcony.

. The puppy is named Tuffy and was found by a 30 year old woman Yan Yingying, who took him in for veterinary care.

A tiny and adorable puppy was left fighting for his life in Chengdu, China, when his owner punished him for chewing her phone. The malicious owner poured hot boiling water over the 6-week-old pup, scalding his skin. After this brutal attack, the owner caused more agony to this little pup. She did this by chucking him from a fourth-floor balcony and further proved that she is heartless.

Credit: Animals Asia

The question that pops into a lot of minds is what kind of heartless being do you have to be, to cause excruciating pain to an animal. Especially when that animal is only 6 weeks old and can fit in the size of your hand. The puppy named Tuffy suffered 60% burns all over his teeny body and had to have skin grafts from the parts where he wasn’t burned.

Credit: Animals Asia

Luckily there is still good out there as Yan Yingying, found him abandoned on the ground close to death. Instead of walking past and ignoring tiny Tuffy, she did the opposite and became the hero of this story. She drove an hour to find him the veterinary care that he needed and even paid for his treatments. He is recovering well thanks to Ms Yan and the Animals Asia team, that helped nurse him back to help. He truly is a little miracle!.

Credit: Animals Asia

Tuffy is now in the loving care of Ms Yan, who is giving him the love that he deserves. Look how happy Tuffy is now, it just shows what a little love can do.

Credit: Animals Asia
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