Who is the lesser of two evils, Trump or Clinton?

Some people label Trump as a horrible leader. Many refer to him as a racist and sexist pig, who is going to destroy the Unites States.

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(Click 0.50 on video) For example the comment made by Trump “Grab her by the p***y went viral. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl5HJBnPitU

Judging from the title, you probably think that this is an article about how great Trump is and how the Mexicans are rapists. (Click 1:35 on video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo-7ISmwAi0

Well you are wrong, this is an article on why Trump won and how he is considered a better option than Hilary.

It was a fight concerning Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, although there are a lot of people who would of preferred Obama to stay on. We all know that it’s not possible, *cries*. Obama has been the President of the US for 8 years and it was his time to go.

The election was between two people, which was Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. We all know who won as it hit the media like a virus, spreading to the nations TV screens and seen through peoples Facebook feeds. Rhyme not intended.

So between Hilary and Trump, Trump is considered the better option or the lesser of two evils. Meaning that Clinton and Trump aren’t great candidates and either one could potentially destroy the U.S. Vivienne Westwood a famous fashion designer has said “To me, Hillary’s evil and I think she’s a war-mongerer… If I would be American, I would not vote for either of them.”


We all would prefer Bernie Sanders to be the President.

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Trumps catch phrase throughout his campaign was “Make America great again!”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZn8tFbISpo

And what did dear Hilary use for her campaign… that’s right no catch phrases but celebrity endorsements. You name it, she had them all triumphing about how great of a president she would be. Here are a few examples of the celebrities who supported or endorsed the public to vote for her. These celebs include Madonna, Beyoncé, Jay Z and that’s just a couple from the top of my head. They all had the same scripted message, that Trump sucks and that she’s a magnificent lady who fights for women rights. Some of these celebrities even offered oral sex to the public if they voted for Hilary. If you are wondering who, the hint is that she’s a ‘material girl’. That’s right Madonna offered oral sex, numerous of people would say she took it too far. Her exact words to the crowds at Madison Square Garden were, “If you vote for Hilary Clinton, I will give you a blowjob”. ( Click 0.25 on video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh1RMUyCkLQ

As you all know not only do celebrities have a huge impact on our daily lives, the media has a bigger influence on society and our minds. The internet has blown up over the years and we have access to the news everywhere, from our Ipads to our Iphones. Throughout the U.S. election the media has been very biased, which is very unfair. The public should be able to vote and think for themselves; they shouldn’t be manipulated by the media or be told who to vote for by celebrities. For example instead of focusing on Trumps campaign and what he aims to do for America, the media put their attention in sabotaging him. A quote from Trump during his campaign sums up how the media are manipulators, “I’m not running against crooked Hilary, I’m running against the crooked media”.

Hilary is seen as an inspiration and idol to a lot of feminists, but there are areas of her past that contradict this. If people researched more into Hilary, they would realise she is quite the opposite. A woman in Arkansas who was raped at 12 years of age, spoke out to news outlets about how she feels about Clinton. She spoke about how Hilary defended the child rapist that raped her and how she laughed about it. (Read more in the link). http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3729466/Child-rape-victim-comes-forward-time-40-years-call-Hillary-Clinton-liar-defended-rapist-smearing-blocking-evidence-callously-laughing-knew-guilty.html

Not only has Hilary defended a child rapist she is a well known liar. Everyone has made a white lie in his or her life but Clinton has lied on a much bigger scale. In fact there is a long list of all things she has lied about. For example the Irish peace process, she had nothing to do with it but claims that she helped bring peace to Northern Ireland. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/1581606/Hillary-Clinton-I-was-instrumental-in-Northern-Ireland-peace-process.html

She has also falsely claimed that she was under sniper fire in Bosnia. “I remember landing under sniper fire”. Which turned out to be, that’s right you guessed it, false.

Why have people voted for Trump? Here are a few reasons why. He isn’t like any other politician, in fact he is a businessman, which differs him from the previous presidents. People think that he knows what it takes and knows how to build an empire, which is evidently shown through ‘The Trump Organization’. With the U.S. in a lot of debt, Trumps the leader who can turn it around. So between a compulsive liar and someone who wants to make America great again, it’s apparent why people have voted for him. (Link to article on Americas debt) https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikepatton/2016/03/28/u-s-debt-is-heading-toward-20-trillion-where-its-been-where-its-going-and-why/#32517a057a25

Since becoming President he is keeping up with his promises, already Trump is planning to build a wall, a big part of his campaign was this concept.

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There are many politicians who lie and who deceit the public with false information and promises they can’t keep. For example Nigel Farage who claimed 350 million would go to fund the NHS.

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At least Trump is following through with his promises.

The final vote count. CREDIT: CNN