There is a guy who everyone calls him a second-hander. He is an example of a man who never develops values. He surrenders his capacity for judgment to other people, and therefore, he focuses not on what he thinks, but on what others think.

He’s a dependent, a parasite on the gullibility of the public. He rises because certain people support him; and as with all parasites, he falls when the host organism withdraw their support.

There are only 2 reasons:

(1) so he can be the leader of spiritual control and,

(2) to destroy his supporter.

Deception and manipulation are his words. Willing to be practical in order to get commissions. Aspire to be successful but doesn’t aspire to be good. How people perceive him is his fundamental concern.

He used to be an independent thinker before. He was never became a conformist. He was never judge in his own perception of reality. He used to be the nice guy next door.

He used to be like everyone else in the past.

Inspired from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead

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