Become aware of the oppressions that surround you and affect you. Be present in your current moment to realize the institutions that work in a purposeful structure to negatively impact your life. Gain the required knowledge and liberate your mind. Then, fight. Revolt. Violence has been deemed necessary on the side of the oppressors, the Europeans, so you too must deem it necessary for your survival. However, keep in mind that the violence you will embark upon is different from that of Europe’s — the colonizer’s. You are retaliating, while they are inflicting harm. It is time for you to gain back all that has been taken away from you through capitalism and capitalist power. This message is that which Frantz Fanon is trying to spread through his vision of “New Humanism”.

Fanon makes it evident that he does not want the ones being colonized to liberate themselves in a manner that makes them equal to the colonizers. Fanon wishes that those who are being oppressed and colonized use knowledge and awareness as a means to revolt because that too can be a revolt. However, violence in the traditional sense may occur too for the liberation of the colonized.

In the case of the Black Lives Matter movement, this ideology is quite essential. Without the realization of the inequalities Black people face in the United States (as well as worldwide), this movement would not exist. The revolution must exist both on an individual and structural level in order to work to allow reparations to occur. Increasingly so, the movement has gained recognition all over the world — which is exactly what Fanon intended through his vision of a new humanism.

Another essential part of this movement is Fanon’s idea that in order to fully be liberated, one’s mind must be liberated. Those who have been colonized usually have a long history of having been colonized — it is not a new concept for them. Not only are they colonized in the physical sense, but also mentally and emotionally. Fanon argues that to truly be liberated — to truly decolonize and delink — one must start with their mind. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny”.