Peace: An End to Neoliberalism

Politics is nothing more than achieving an essence of power. Globalization, capitalism, colonialism, and imperialism are all interconnected practices used within corporations and political arenas to create power structures that marginalize specific groups of people. The problem that is created through this marginalization is that it continues on to then harm those marginalized groups in some manner, thereby creating superiority for those in political power. So, it is quite paradoxical that politicians discuss their aims for peace, when politics exists solely to negate peace and equality. The two cannot coexist. Global politics would be in a quite different situation than their current state if ideologies of indigeneity were encompassed — different from the way land rights, sovereignty, and legal agency are discussed and acted upon as they are today.

The current practice of global politics runs on an individualistic schema — which is part of the problem. Communities that rely upon communal power and living situations understand the fact that they are not the only ones inhabiting a space and practice the art of sharing. This leads to a diminished presence of selfishness and greed — the basis of neoliberalism. Many indigenous groups practice their form of sovereignty through communal power. For example, in the case of the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico. Zapatistas function on the basis that no one person has complete sovereignty over another. Instead, many members in the community work together in sharing and transferring power — if anyone is truly powerful, it is all of the Zapatistas as a collective.

Corporations would not be allowed to commit land grabs in countries where communities thrive upon their land when indigeneity would be used as a space for thinking about global politics. Instead, respect would be given for land, and therefore the people. As it is known, land is life, and so is water. Refugees would not be as common as they are currently. This is apparent in the colonialism inflicted upon the Palestinian people. Many Palestinians today are located in Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and other surrounding countries as refugees due to the Zionist settler occupation. Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, the leader of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, was correct in stating that globalization (a product of neoliberalism) has allowed for the Fourth World War — destruction. Although globalization reaches nearly every corner of this Earth, a stop to it can still occur if political powers cared to use their power in such a manner. Perhaps, if practices of neoliberalism were to be put to an end, peace might actually have a possibility of existing — not the kind that politicians talk about today.

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