Project 1
In person drop
For this activity I visited three different organization
1. Packages Ltd.
2. PEL
3. Superior group of colleges

Firstly, I tried for reaching at HR dept. of packages ltd. without any reference but I failed because the security guard and the receptionist are not allowed me to enter into the packages. But I am the former internee of Packages so on that base I tried to use some references and then I got succeeded and they allowed me to go. Then firstly I pay “thank u” to my instructor for asking receptionist about my entrance. Then I visited the HR department and submitted his resume along with cover latter. HR personal ask me we will call you earlier.

Secondly, I tried for reaching at HR department of PEL. Same case here the receptionist are not allowed me to enter into the PEL for reaching at HR department. I requested a lot but they asked me we have no permission to allow an unknown person for entrance. They asked me here is the cameras appointed if we allowed to you then a lot of inquiries are faced by us from the higher authorities so sorry we have no permission. At the end I came with disappointment.

Thirdly, I saw advertisement of jobs in superior group of colleges. Then I went there for in person submission of resume and cover latter. Here I reach easily to HR department because I asked at reception I come here for dropping resume. They easily allowed me to go to HR department.