Project 2
Group Activity
Collection of funds for Edhi Foundation.
Group Members
1. Afaq Ahmad
2. Zohaib sheikh
3. Asad
4. Raheela
Strategies for collection
Funds is collected from
1. Amal fellows
2. Relatives
3. Hostel friends
4. Some business man of Inarkali food street
5. Model town houses
6. Personals that know us but not friends
We started funds collection from amal fellows, some amal fellows contribute but some refuse to contribute. Then individually we go to the nearby relatives and asked him for collection. Those who resident in hostel they collected from their friends and the other member of hostel. Some contributed but some refuse to contribute. We not forced them, who refused to contribute but ask more than one time and trying to convinced them. After that we visit the inarkali food street and we went to some business man some contribute and some asked do you have some certification. I saw some proofs and try to convince them. Then select a day and visit the model town for the collection same previous experience we faced there. Some of them give collection but some refused. Many peoples refused and asked us for certification but we tried hard to convince them and at the end we generate the funds for Edhi foundation. A lot of failure we faced in the form of rejection but we learnt a lesson from every new failure and tried to minimized the rejection from the peoples.