Project 2 showing kindness

It was a really good activity. Personally i feel very internal and mental satisfaction by doing these act.

Last night i was on a hotel with my friend and doing dinner. A person came to us he was 60 to 65 year old. He asked us for some food. I tried to giving him money for charity. He refused and asked me i am not a street begger son, i am came from district Jhang and our houses are destroyed due to heavy flood. You gave me bread i am hungry. We asked sit here on the chair and eat with us baba g. He asked it not look good me you gave me on bread with some salan. We asked no no baba g you sit here and eat with us no problem. He gave me a lot of prayers, i asked eat bread full his heart no need to worry. I not helped more him but i think this help was more then enough. So after that personally i felt very relexed and satisfied.

Another activity which i did was the cleaning of the room of my friend in hostel. He asked me on phone, my some friends is coming i am little bit busy for giving him company so please, clean my room it is out of discipline and arrangements of things is out of order. I asked no need to worry i have key of you room and when i cleaned yor room then i will call you, you come up with his friends. I cleaned the room and ordered the all things which was out of order. At the end i feel very relexed and satisfied. Because i helped my friend and appreciate my efforts. When you show kindness to someone you feel personal satisfaction and this was very goof activity. INSHALLAH i perform this activity on kindness on daily basis. Thank you Amal team for teaching us a lesson by these activities. Thank you very much

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