Strained Family relations depicts less or no moral values–green state🇵🇰

Perhaps, Human being is the finest and superior creation of Almighty Allah,

Regards that it also accompanies with some responsibilities and certainties.

The relation is what build ties among two or four individuals or group of people,

When it breaks, it drains everything connected to it.

To be happy, or to be successful, relationships matter a lot, eventually Family's interconnectivity.

In Pakistan, its customs and traditions bestow significant importance on a family system.

Living in a combined setup, raising multigenerational families is one of the key components of its Cultural atlas.

Though Pakistan is an Islamic state, so it's the overall structure of living is based on Islamic instructions.

Where living in a multifamily house has critical benefits, there are some demerits as well in certain conditions.

On the contrary, as of today, a nation under the green flag breathing in a tense state where relations are not healthy anymore.

Although, issues in relations not only exist in Pakistan, but they are everywhere, where people could survive.

Unhealthy relations bestows a never-ending cycle of victimization. Which is more poisonous than a Viper snake.

Today, we face filthiness, greediness, and selfishness at such a broad level that being integrated into our societies swiftly.

A typical relation in a family begins among a husband and wife, and if it goes misled then a cascade of repercussions ensues and destroys generations to generations suffer.

Recently, there was an incident reported from one other rural area across Punjab(Pakistan) where a mother burnt their three sons at her will, which led people speechless.

Whether it's love or arrange marriage, children suffer and get bad impressions of what they saw among their parents.

Perhaps, the bitterness is in every kitchen today,

Relational misuses are being reported across the green state posturing an overwhelming burden that provokes bad happenings and cruelty.

No one seems to be happy at his or her homes, every second home is a victim, distant or immediate relatives, renders an inevitable impact on the family's happiness.

What is lacking then?

I think there would be no answer to that rather it's a consistent accumulation of small pros and cons which constitute big things in decades.

Pakistan came into independence on 14th August 1947, simple math would give you a figure of 60(+) years, but unfortunately, the emotional and logical aspect of an average household is compromised.

Moreover, this is because the nation has not been trained and educated in all paradigms of life, its religions and social structure haven't been updated over the last 30 years from now.

A happy family is just a dilemma that is being ignored, for unknown reasons.

"Who cares for who ", is being heard most of the times,


there are people and some organizations on the whole working and dedicating their life to teach individuals and families to acquire basic ethics of being a human to everyone.

Verily, Religion Islam teaches love and respect and it also bestows humanity to its pinnacle point of where it should be.

But as a nation, we should not forget that humanity is first before practicing Islam.

Pakistan's utmost prosperity depends on the relational stress, the more stressful relations are, the less prosperity would embrace.

Having patience, selfless care and love for others would bring more trust and loyalty towards a nation.

Emotional maturity weighs more than hormonal maturity.

No one can control anyone whether it's a husband to wife and wife to husband.

Written by :
Mubeen khan
Creative & Academic Content Writer, Researcher, Digital Marketer.




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