Haircut Styles for Men According to Face Shape

Nothing can be worse than getting a wrong haircut that does not go well with your face shape. Not many know, but it is of paramount importance to choose a hairstyle that goes well with the face shape. You can easily avoid the mistake of getting a wrong haircut. The best answer to the same is by knowing your face shape. Before you head to the barber, it is worth to know which among the many haircut styles for men suit you.

Oval Face Shape

This face shape is an ideal one among the women. It is not quite common among the men. However, this face shape is also a great canvas as far as experimentation is concerned. Not many know, but this face shape does justice to pretty much any haircut style. This choice is completely yours! Being one of the balanced face shapes, any haircut style goes well with it. Men with oval shape can have a windblown or swept look. You are highly advised to avoid too much of hair on the forehead, as it tends to soften the facial features thus making it look rounder. Round shaped haircut is one of the best ways to balance out an oval face shape. How about “Caesar”? It is a perfect choice for an oval face shape.

Square Face Shape

When talking about different hairstyles for men according to face shape, the most common is square face shape. As far as square face shape is concerned, a clean and close-cut look just perfect. Classic sides and shorts with some texture will work just perfect. Ensure you add some texture on the top. This further helps in highlighting the strong jawline you have. Clean lines around the hairline are just ideal for men having wavy hair. Opt for short back and side with some length if you have straight hair. If you have curly and tight hair, then opting for a tight fade on the sides and the back is recommended.

Round Face Shape

Round face is another face shape that is quite common. This type of face shape does not have prominent angles, and hence you can give an illusion of the same with your hair. Creating square is one of the best ways to flatter a round face shape. Pompadours and flat tops are great options for men having round face shape. Faux hawks and front fringes are also other options you can consider. These haircut styles for men with round face shape helps in adding some structure.

These are some of the hairstyles for men one can consider according to the face shape. So, next time you plan to visit your barber do ask him to give a haircut according to your face shape.