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Importance of Wearing A Saree & its Benefits

Greatness of a women’s Saree can be understood if you take a moment to dive back to your childhood. Remember how would you walk around your mother holding her Saree pallu all the time? You must have even learned to walk holding your mother’s Saree pallu. Saree pallu being a quick handy cloth is quite useful for a mother too. She wipes (casual Sarees) with it or elegantly flaunts the design which is embedded on it (Designer or Special Sarees).

Remember how the most resourceful lady has always been your mother. And she would make useful bedsheets, pillow covers, or casual wears from her old Sarees?

In an interview with Ms. Sushmita Sen, former Ms. Universe, she had revealed that the gown which won her the biggest beauty contest was in fact a piece created by her mother’s old Saree. Truly a remarkable story of love and creativity, and of course the energy of her mother which stayed stored in the lucky Saree.

An important custom of tying marriage knot couldn’t be possible if there was no Saree pallu. A father ties his daughter’s Saree pallu knot to the finger of the groom. Saree pallu has been a space for nurturing and motherly giving, while it actually form a receptive piece while receive any dana too. It is certainly overwhelming to analyze a regular Indian Garment like Saree and only now do I overwhelmingly realize how significant is the role of a Saree for an Indian women.

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