Start-up and its difficulties

Starting something, whatever it may be, is not as easy as it sounds. Today I would like to talk about my start-up, Plush.

One day, I was talking to my friends about movie facts and stuff. Then I came to realize that I know a lot when it comes to movies and video games. So I thought I could create a Facebook page about movie reviews and facts. At that time, I didn’t know that there are already so many movie pages. Eventually I started a page named Plush. It was created at July 4, 2015.

At first, I didn’t have a particular aim in mind. I just.. you know.. started the page without an objective. At the beginning, the progress was very slow. No progress at all. I wrote articles for Plush. When Plush got 500 likes or so, I found out there are many similar pages too. And there came the loss of aim. I didn’t want to continue my page at all. When Plush had 500 likes or something, other movie pages had 10s of thousands of likes. You know.. it’s hard to get motivated in the situation like that. Back then, Plush was nothing.

So I paused Plush for about 2 weeks. I was also sitting for the 2nd semester exams at that time. One day, I was scrolling my Facebook news feeds and found Captain America: Civil War poster. Then I immediately realized that I have read Civil War comics series a couple of times. I thought maybe I could upload the info. And there I posted. Boom! It was a blast. It suddenly increased mass attention. I was motivated and decided to continue Plush.

I was learning some graphic design at that time. You might wanna know that I am a person who has no particular interest in any kind of subject. I was just learning animation, graphic design and programming and all. Shifting from passion to passion. Maybe I will talk about it later. The point is I drew a logo for Plush. Logo was from the combinations of some other Youtube video tutorials. And I was proud of my logo. It was pretty neat. With the logo all set, I was ready to start Plush again.

A lot of pages in Facebook advertised. They gain thousands of likes in a matter of time. Plush was still growing slowly. I work really hard writing articles for Plush. Always thinking about innovative ideas. I don’t have any colleagues that can help me out. I write for Plush alone. It’s hard. Really hard. Today, Plush is 4 months old and have 5100 likes. Plush has quite a number of fans. Whenever I get depressed and feel like not wanting to continue Plush, I motivate myself by watching at their 5 star reviews about how Plush is good. You might wanna know why I get depressed. Well, it’s because I have no supporters at all. Only one writer and tons of requests. Of course, there are some haters throwing shit to Plush too. But I guess I will continue Plush. Hopefully, Plush will get more contributors and fans.

It’s not as easy as it seems to found a start-up. You would need people who are willing to support you (which I lack). And you would need a clear OBJECTIVE (which I lack at first), the main reason why you are doing this. Last but not least, you will need PASSION. If you have passion in what you do, eventually you are going to succeed. Of course, I’m not telling it’s gonna be easy. But what you do today will surely benefit in what you will be tomorrow.