Week 2

This weeks meeting was a lot different from the other ones. The first couple of meetings were a current medical school student panel, a current doctor doing clinical research, and the introduction to AMSA. The crowd at the club at the beginning of the academic year was enormous, but as the year progresses the club gets smaller each year. The topic for this week is a controversial topic with medicinal marijuana. A physician from the University of Minnesota who is doing research was the speaker. It was interesting because he talked about the good and the bad of marijuana. One of the points stated was how it is not a solution for all diseases, but rather a helping hand for a select few diseases, typically the chronic diseases like cancer. He stated that it has benefits, but also his disadvantages, such as the cost, how it is synthetic and created in a lab rather than a natural plant, and how it is technically illegal under federal law, but not illegal in some states. I thought it was interesting how he is not practicing medicine right now but focusing on such a controversial topic in society today. Overall I liked the meeting but my views on the topic were unchanged. I thought it was a good way to show other ways medicine can be used in the world, rather than just in the hospital. I also noticed that compared to the last time there was a speaker, a lot more questions were asked, and only a few questions were repeated. The speaker was also very respectful of the time he had to speak so that the club board members could talk about the things that they wanted to talk about. Another topic was presented at the very beginning about a medical school named Ross which is not located in the United States but has many graduates go on to practice medicine in the U.S. It was more of an informational scheme about their school and what things you need to do to become a part of their culture.

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