#StartUpYourWorld: Landing your dream job

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Landing the dream job is what everyone desires and yet only a few people achieve it. In this article, I put together some resources and arranged them into 4 steps. These steps can help you acquire the right perspective to land your desired job or at least get you closer to it.

1- Make a plan

Searching for a job can be a messy business. There are a few steps to take in the beginning to make the process smoother and less painful.

The traditional elements needed to start applying for jobs are no longer enough. A simple resume and a boring cover letter don’t cut it out anymore. There are a set of preparations that you need to get done before sending out your applications. This article by The muse details the steps needed to have a game plan and attack the job world with confidence.

2-No qualifications? No problem

How many times you looked at a job offer in a great company, thought that you could definitely do the job. Then you looked at the requirements and disappointment sat in. They’re asking for 3 years of experience and you only have one.

This scenario happens a lot. But why would you wait for them to hire you to do the job? Why don’t you just do it? Noah Kagan got rejected when he applied to mint.com for a marketing job. However, he didn’t sulk or let doubt fill in. He wrote a 30-day marketing plan that he sent to the CEO and he got hired to put it in place.

Another great example is Nina Mufleh. She created a website nina4airbnb where she shared a thorough study on where she thinks Airbnb should focus next. In the website, she then explained why they should hire her. She not only attracted the attention of her desired company but of so many other tech companies. Her efforts opened up the doors for her to choose from a wide set of amazing opportunities.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” — Thomas Jefferson

Check out Raghav’s experience. He decided to apply for his desired jobs regardless of his qualifications.

3- Nailing the interview

Job interviews are a necessary evil. No one likes to sit in front of someone they don’t know, feeling judged. And then answering questions about themselves that they barely know the answers to.

With some preparation, though, all of this can be solved. There are a lot of books and blogs that tackle this topic. The main idea of this type of books is to give you insights on interview environment and the best attitude to have.

A great general book that can help with this topic is “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Cargenie. It would help you shape up your behaviour and your attitude when meeting people and dealing with them in various situations.

Ramit Sethi presents on his website three tips on how you can nail the interview and present yourself in the best way possible. I highly recommend you read them.

4- Salary negotiation

After the interview and once the company extends an offer, more pressure settles in. Some people agree on salaries lower than they think they’re worth, only because they’re not comfortable with negotiation. It’s normal to have anxiety. But it’s not normal to receive less than you deserve just because it’s out of your comfort zone. There are many techniques to apply during the conversation. Research beforehand also helps, about the industry salaries, the company benefits and packages.

If you have other offers, it can help with the negotiation too. These techniques and more are discussed in this piece by a new Yammer employee. Anne Marie Clifton talks about her experience with salary negotiation during her Yammer recruitment.

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