Happiness Is Your True Nature

Human Mind is the source of all intellectual activities and by exercising them (intellectual activities) the focus of mind’s attention gets shifted outwards and when mind is focused on outward activities and phenomenon, then it becomes the victim of experiences and various emotions arises in it like waves in the ocean. But, are waves any different from the ocean? They arise from it and in the end becomes one with it. Think again, when you see the reflection of moon dancing in water, who is it that is actually dancing? The Moon or The Water.

Similar, is the nature of the mind. It is like a mirror and outward circumstances are the reflections and the reflection of the experience is not correct because it is mirror that is wrong not the reflection.Try as hard as you can, with all the might of the universe but you cannot set the reflection right without fixing the mirror because nothing is wrong with the reflection but, with the mirror. Such is the nature of the mind. You cannot change the experience but you can set the source right.

Set the source right and you will inevitably find that happiness is inherent in your nature. By associating yourself with the outside experiences of the world you feel all kinds of emotions such as anger, hatred, insecurity etc. But, you have the liberty to turn the focus of the attention from experience to experiencer. Try this and you will only find peace and happiness because before reflection is corrected it is imperative, that mirror is set straight.