Enrique Peñalosa Londoño

Enrique Peñalosa Londoño is the mayor for Bogota, Colombia. Since Bogota is the capital of the country it is consider a state by itself, and not strictly dependent on the Governor of the Cundinamarca (Department/State.)

Peñalosa was elected Mayor of the city for the period 2016–2019. He was born in Bogota and was part of multiple projects for progress in the city that had a broad variety of results. One of his prominent jobs was as congressman and then as Dean of different faculties in the Externado University.

For Peñalosa this is his second period as mayor of the capital with the green party. His first period was during 1997–2001 after this period he decided to go to the United States to be a speaker in the topic of structural development for cities, his projects involved transit development more than anything.

He had has multiple opposers that disagree with his vision and how he planned to administrate the city during his periods as mayor, including this one. During the last year half of the city sing a petition to revoke him from his mayorship. However, that petition was consider by some senators unconstitutional and it is still revised by the districts attorney.

One of the reason why most of the people is not in favour with his policies is because of Transmilenio. This is the major transportation system in Bogota, nonetheless is not as useful or effective as he proclaims it is. However, people do not have many other chances to transport themselves. Transminlenio is not only hard to understand by dangerous to drive, and the mayor does not seem to try to improve it.

Despite the critics and opposer Peñalosa has some years ahead still to work in order to make the city better. It is a job of not only him, but every Bogotan that wants to see Bogota as the beautiful city it is meant to be

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