The On-Demand Delivery Question No One Asks

Amazon offers same-day delivery in 16 metro areas after an expansion last week. UberRUSH delivers for startups and small businesses. To get its artisan goods out fast, Etsy is testing same-day delivery with Postmates in New York. Drones and autonomous vehicles are on the way to give people more options and further reduce delivery times, but speed shouldn’t be the only choice consumers can make.

Retailers are the only ones who truly know where the product is coming from, how it will reach the consumer, and the total carbon footprint of a package, Dave Cook of the Union of Concerned Scientists told us. Today no company lets consumers know which form of delivery has the lowest carbon footprint.

Delivery isn’t always a bad environmental option; even if you own a hybrid, efficient software means having a package delivered by truck can have less impact on the environment. As people become more concerned with environmental stewardship and their personal carbon footprint, businesses should give customers the right to make decisions that consider climate change, not just convenience.

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Photo Credit: Patrick Gallo