Trend alert- Customer Exchange Programs

As a growth hacker, everyday am in the lookout for new unconventional practices to market and grow the business. So recently I came across a not-so-new but new-to-me concept or practice African startups are using to grow.

Customer exchange programs is the practice of using your few customers to show skeptics(of your service/product) just what your product or service had to offer them.

Demonstrating a product seems pretty obvious, but when you begin to talk about doing it at large scale, its no longer viable or possible. Even if you give free samples to your prospects, the enthusiasm they show is superficial and is not an indicator they will purchase or pay for your product.

Lets see an example of this concept:

Work hard, and get one customer or organization to use your product/service. Once you can see the clear benefits, bring in other potential customers to see the results.

Why would this work?

Well, most people especially potential customers do not want to hear but to see and experience what your product/service can do. By using a customer exchange program, you can transform mini-skeptics to become promoters of your product by showing them practical examples of product benefits.

This creates a vivid memory and makes it easy to persuade potential customers.

So this year is not a leap year. well neither is the next two years. Anyway, check out Chris Evans upcoming movie ‘Gifted’.

Bonus lesson:

It is important to co-create some of these social impact products with the community, collecting and considering user-feedback after every stage of testing.It helps you come up with appropriate design and also an earlier marketing strategy because the day you launch a pilot, that community is your first customer and demonstration platform. This will save you energy in creating awareness of product.

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