2020: Four Years Later…

What’s life like after a Trump ruled nation?

People of color don’t feel as safe walking down their neighborhood street.

The middle class no longer exists.

Women can no longer abort a pregnancy; that is without a valid reason at a steep price.

Medication for debilitating diseases become inflated and unaffordable.

The office of the Presidency is a joke to other nations.

The First Lady has done nothing this whole time.

Racial tensions are at a high not seen since the late 60's.

Immigrant parents fear their children are at risk for deportation to a country they were never born in.

A President has steadily trolled on his Twitter account the whole time.

World relations are feigned.

The economy actually worsens for the middle class and poor people.

Bullying is a major part of Presidential speeches.

Top secret information is being leaked by none other than the Commander in Chief himself.

The polar caps begin melting at an accelerated rate.

ISIS is still at large.

Terrorist attacks worsen all around the world.

The US almost plunges into WW3 several times (Thank God for the congress)

Average Americans no longer love the country they live in.

There is a loss of hope in the American people.

President Trump runs for his second term.

It can happen.

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