Creating a Brand #1 — An Idea

I help customers create brands every day, sometimes I’m just involved in the “look”, but often I’m involved at a deeper level, perhaps supporting with email campaigns or setting the wider brand rules for a larger company.

Branding is then a lot more than a logo. It can encompass every aspect of a companies presentation. There are wider visual aspects, how to apply that logo, other design tools that might be needed, stationary is often a first step, website design, signage, uniforms, brochures, vehicle livery, the list goes on.

Then none visual things. Think about Red Bull for example. I’m certain you can visualise their TV ads with their casual illustrations and “Red Bull gives you wings!” catchphrase. But they do radio adverts too, using the same voiceover guy and script writing style. And print ads, same drawign style and expected content. Stuff like the tone of voice, writing style and how your employees react to customers are all key parts of a “brand”.

Pile all of these eclectic things together and you begin to form the basis of a brand.

When I set up my freelance business I decided that the brand was me. Everyone would speak to me, work with me, employ me. I needed to add some visual elements but chose to keep the “flair” to a minimum, a straightforward roundel logo with a stylised K and a website that was low on visual clutter, focussing on the designs I was creating.

Though I love getting involved in a variety of brands for others, intervening to aid their success, I’ve been mulling over the creation of a brand that will sell products, rather than services, created by me.

At various points in my freelance journey, I’ve created logos, wider branding and eCommerce websites that do just that. One early client sells customised high ticket items (typically £150 — £600 per order) and can turn over £20,000 of online sales alone in a good month. Much of that brand was created and delivered by me. They had an existing offline operation and the products are great so it wasn’t by any means solely my doing, but it does make me pause and think if I can do it for others, why not myself?

Products then, that use my creative skills and are sold online, it needs to be a project that ticks along itself and in theory, makes money when I’m sleeping!

This then is the germ of my idea!

I’m creating a brand and I want to share the process, my thoughts, the successes, the failures and the challenges. The goal is threefold:

• To help me reflect and refine what I’m after, a personal journal of sorts.

• To help others, perhaps at the start of their own branding journey, to think about their own process in a different light.

• To start the brands marketing early, before it’s even a brand and ultimatly make whatever it becomes a success!

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