What I think JavaScript is

JavaScript or JS for short, is the programming language that controls the behavior of the webpage. Its able to change HTML content, styles, and attributes. Also it is able to detect what browser a user is using and customizes the webpage to that browser. In short you can control how things behave. Then I heard that JavaScript is a high end type of language as you control both HTML and CSS scripts. Sadly I don’t know much about the topic as I never really cared for it because I was never taught it nor was it mentioned to me. I know that it is another coding language. I know that it is able to change the elements to customize the browser to the webpage. I don’t know how to code JavaScript and I am very eager to learn so I can make webpages better. Also I know that JavaScript is used by most modern day browsers. I also know that JavaScript is used by web developers to create interactive websites that we all use. This is all that I know about JavaScript.

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