Human evolution- For our next chapter, let’s reinvent our humanity

There is an ever-growing chorus of anxiety caused by the edict that robots and automation will render us mere mortals unemployable in the new #futureofwork. Bill Davidow and Michael Malone vividly phrased it as “hordes of citizens of zero economic value.” We certainly don’t lack the articles, talks, books, reports, water-cooler conversations about the topic. Public discourse is essential, because this is one of the defining issues of our time and the literature is only getting denser. I don’t claim to know the answers- there are much smarter people than me who are making predictions, and everyone needs to take notice.

Personally, I have found it difficult to escape the doom and gloom- of the Skynets and our Robotic overlords… the alarming prospect of not being able add value and the dwindling potential of humanity itself!

Until, in history books, I seemed to have found my reprieve- even HOPE.

For centuries, disruption has been the natural order for our species. We have transitioned from hunter-gathers to agricultural societies, from industrial to The Second Machine Age. Our ability to constantly reinvent and adapt has revolutionized knowledge, technology, commerce and human life itself.

What’s next?

Instead of being fearful, I believe the answer lies in embracing the near-certain reality that our work and its meaning will fundamentally change. Our lives will change- whether for good or bad will have a lot to do with where we begin our journey. We should begin by exploring our very humanity that makes us so remarkably unique. Yes, machines will crunch massive volumes of data and make predictions, build cars and iPhones, automate order-taking or even drive our children to school. So what? Why can’t we let machines do the slew of mind-numbing tasks, so we can truly RISE from the mundane? Creativity, adaptability, empathy and spirituality form the foundation of our history, it will be the same virtues that will guide us into our future. We can accelerate innovation by collaborating across cultures. Pursue creative avenues to develop multidisciplinary solutions. Utilize strategic thinking to dismantle ambitious problems. Apply guidance of spiritual masters to build inclusive societies. Explore the depths of empathy to become a better manager or a more perceptive bartender!

#UpskillHumanity The answer lies in reinventing our ancient and uniquely human characteristics for the new world order. That journey begins from within.

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