🚨📣 Breaking News — New Series of INGOT Mini-Airdrops starts today — Raffle and Contest included 📣🚨

Without our community we could not be that successful as we are, we reached already a lot of our goals and are confident to succeed even more — Thanks to you guys.
Therefore we want to keep giving back to you!

Today we are excited to introduce you the Ingot Mini-Airdrop Series! Starting with today there will be a bunch of small tasks/competitions where you can either earn ICC tokens or buy them with exclusive discounts!

📣 The first Mini-Airdrop starts today and comes along with a ETH referral Contest and ETH raffle.

All of those events will be exclusively announced in our t.me/ICairdrops channel, so please join there, start the bot and follow his instructions to take advantage of these unique possibilities.

👉🏼👉🏼 t.me/IngotMiniAirdropBot 👈🏼👈🏼

Thank you,

The INGOT Coin Team.