INGOT Coin & Bineuro Announce Partnership

Bineuro is an advertising artificial intelligence, neural network that can self-learn and accumulate experience. The system becomes “smarter” with every new advertising campaign. The use of Blockchain and smart contracts will allow users from all over the world to be confident in the transaction security, as well as in the reliability of a number of key analytical data, that will be verified by the Blockchain.

Bineuro contains not only function of neuro-optimization, but also a system of expert assessments. The system stores the library of target images of the most successful campaigns geographically and industry-related, and when a new client appears, Bineuro immediately turns to the similar and past experience in these libraries to provide better services.

Bineuro, a Google Premier Partner (Top 10 nominated in 2017), carries great expertise in the field of marketing. INGOT Coin sees great potential not only in the ICO and the technical development side of Bineuro, but also in their team and strategy which aims to dominate the marketing and advertising industry and further improve efficiency and cost. The two companies are mix and matching between offerings to their communities. Discussion about different discounts as well as different ways to maximize services jointly are in effect.