INGOT Coin & BolttCoin Finalize a Partnership of Innovation

BolttCoin by Boltt is A Decentralized Health & Sports Economy based on Blockchain. Initially, an ecosystem to reward personal health leveraging cutting edge Blockchain technology. Boltt is an Established Market Leader in Wearable Technology & Mobile Health Solutions.

The BolttCoin platform unlocks the true potential of health & fitness data using Blockchain. Boltt understands that staying active & motivated is not always easy. This is why, the Boltt Ecosystem rewards your efforts & lets you earn tokens for every step you take!

As INGOT Coin, BolttCoin is not a startup and has an established 3+ Year old company. An astonishing number of more than 100,000 users are in wait-listed for downloading the Boltt Coin. It has an ecosystem of 25K+ Merchants and 1Million+ products on-boarded in the MVP. Boltt Coins can be traded amongst many user segments & businesses — retailers, corporates, brands, service providers, insurance etc. on the Blockchain.

INGOT Coin has formed a partnership with BolttCoin as it see’s the benefits and initiative taken to motivate people into staying healthy. Given its business history, existing ecosystem and product readiness, BolttCoin has risen above other health ICOs and differentiated themselves from any existing competition. Both INGOT & Boltt are working together to integrate Utilities and discover means of cooperation to provide even wider arrays of services and products.