INGOT COIN launches $2,500,000 Airdrop Campaign. | 2,500,000 ICC will be dropped.

INGOT Coin, powered by Ethereum Blockchain (ETH), will eliminate all of the main market problems by designing a blockchain based ecosystem. 
That system will link the financial and crypto worlds while minimising the gap between them. 
Which means less time and fewer costs for each transaction. No intermediaries and more security for the consumers. As well as easy exit strategies and more transparency, with unlimited data availability and data access. The IC ecosystem; including IC Wallet, IC Bank, IC Brokerage and IC Exchange; will serve as one-stop shop for all your financial transactions.

We at INGOT Coin have ambitious goals — we will set new standards for the financial market. To achieve this goal we built a strong Team with all the necessary skills, talents and long-time experience to successfully launch this project as well as have been speaking to many potential partners to join us in this journey of success and legacy.

Participate in our Pre-Sale and take advantage of a 30% Bonus at

The Airdrop is starting now.

To make more people aware about our purpose, grow our community and in the meantime reward our already existing supporters, we decided on giving away 2,500,000 ICC Tokens, which equals to $2,500,000, in our exclusive designed Airdrop Campaign.

🙇How to participate in INGOT Coin Airdrop on Monday 25th of June⁉️

Tier Zero — “Airdrop”
Tier One — “Token holder Airdrop & Raffle”
Tier Two — “12-hour Lottery” 
Tier Three — “The Care Package”
Tier Four — “The Highroller Contest

Tier Zero — “Airdrop”

Get 1.5 ICC for joining and 1 ICC per referral

Tier One — “Token holder Airdrop & Raffle”

➡️ You will get additional 50 ICC if you purchase at least 100 ICC (75 USD) through this link

📍 With your purchase, you will automatically be registered into a raffle competition. Raffle prizes up to 200k ICC ($200k).

📍 Every ICC token purchased will act as an additional raffle ticket for the raffle competition.

To participate in the “Token holder Airdrop & Raffle” make sure to sign up and purchase your tokens through the link below.

Once that is done, participants will receive an airdrop of 50 ICC and become automatically registered into a raffle competition.

Every ICC token purchased and received will act as a raffle ticket for a chance to win 13 prizes containing from 5,000 ICC to 200,000 ICC.

🎁🎁13 total raffle prizes are available to win and are listed below. A draw will be made after the end of the Airdrop announcing the winners. 5 prizes of the 13 prizes will go to INGOTCoin Holders + (TIO) holders:

1. 200,000 ICC
2. 100,000 ICC
3. 75,000 ICC 
4. 60,000 ICC
5. 50,000 ICC
6. 40,000 ICC 
7. 35,000 ICC
8. 30,000 ICC
9. 25,000 ICC
10. 20,000 ICC 
11. 15,000 ICC
12. 10,000ICC
13. 5,000ICC

Tier Two — “12-hour Lottery”

Tier 2️⃣, participants in the INGOT Coin ICO that invest during the hours of 10 AM to 10 PM EST will be randomly chosen every day to receive an extra airdrop bonus of 2–300 ICC on top of the 50 ICC. 1000 a day ICC airdropped to this group.⌚️⌚️

Tier Three — “The Care Package”

Tier 3️⃣, for every multiplication of 100 ICC purchased, a random amount of airdrop under the title “Care Package” will be given. In this case, participants who bought and were #100, #200, #300 and so on will receive the Care Package. The amount of ICC that will be given will increase as the numbers of purchases increases but will be randomized from 100 ICC to 100,000 ICC. 📦📦

Tier Four — “The Highroller Contest”

➡️ Any participant who invests and purchases 250,000 ICC or more will get an entry to our World Cup Contest.

You will get the chance to answer the following questions and win up to 375k ICC tokens.

1️⃣ Which Team will win the world cup 2018? (150k ICC)
2️⃣ Which Teams will be in the world cup final? (100k ICC)
3️⃣ Which Teams will be in the semi-finals? (50k ICC)
4️⃣ How many yellow cards will be given in the semi-finals? (75k ICC)

Additional Notes:

  • Please keep the Chat clean and friendly.

- Do not Spam; our Admins will warn you once and ban you if you continue (By getting banned you forfeit your whole ICC Airdrop balance(incl. your referrals). So do not risk it!)

  • Do not post your E-Mail, Medium Link, Reddit Link or ETH-Wallet in the Group; you do this exclusively to our Bot here:

- To be eligible for the Airdrop you have to STAY a Member of our Telegram community until the Token sale is over and the airdrop distribution completed..

- All Airdrop Payments, including the referral balance, will be issued AFTER the Token sale is over or before if decided by management. The tokens get directly provided to your wallet.

-Every attempt at cheating the system will result in losing all of your Airdrop balance and a ban on future campaigns, either Airdrop or Bounty Program related.

If you have any further Questions, please feel free to Contact any of our Admins directly in our Telegram Chat:

Additionally Information about our project, our Team and our ongoing Pre-ICO you can find on our website. Please go here:

To participate in our ongoing Pre-Sale and take advantage of a 30% Bonus sign up on our website: and login to your dashboard.