INGOT Coin & Zichain Form Partnership

Zichain & INGOT Coin

Zichain is developing an ecosystem comprised of several key products: a platform for starting and managing investment funds, news and market data provider with a marketplace for asset managers, and index funds based on a family of their own Cryptocurrency indices. At the moment, there are many decent projects that have released products or at least a prototype. Nevertheless, most of them only specialize in a small part of the investment process. Unlike competitors, Zichain develops a full-fledged ecosystem that opens access to financial infrastructure for investors and managers in one place.

INGOT Coin admires that Zichain differentiated themselves from the competition early on as well as highly excelled in the development of their ICO by having all their products at an MVP, Beta or licensed and under development stage. Both INGOT Coin and Zichain are in agreement with a uniting vision of collaboration and are working together to find ways to both integrate and innovate onto the market.

The age of single ICOs competing in the market and inefficiently utilizing Blockchain seems to be coming a halt. Bitcoin and Ethereum have provided a gateway to utilize Blockchain and should not be considered as what Blockchain is. INGOT Coin is now focused on creating an alliance where ICOs can have a chance to collaborate and provide something greater for their communities.