Khawla’s life

There is a girl, which her name is Khawla. She is 23 years old and single. She lives in Al Falah region, which is located in Abu Dhabi. She studies Tourism & cultural communication at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. She has a driving License and her own car.

She is very sensitive and shy person. She suffered from a short sight. One day she went to wedding with her cousins one of her cousin saw their friend far away then she asked Khawla if she is or not, then her other cousin said with mockery don’t ask her she can’t see. She really hurt and she didn’t forget this attitude because she doesn’t like any body to say that she can’t see with mockery. However, she is a social person and she likes to meets and knows new people.

She loves to hang out with her friends and to let them happy by taking them where they want to go. Also, she enjoys with seating with her family. When she has a free time she prefer to watch Turkish series. Her dream is to travel to Turkey.

At the end, next year she will graduate from ZU and now her goals are to raise her GPA. After that, her wish is to have a good degree, which helps her to have a good job in good place and good salary.

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