Very interesting.
Timo M. Partanen

Thank you for the interest and response!

Indeed, if you use a straight D’Hondt method, you would get that result. Though if you use a Huntington-Hill or D’Hondt method with a barrage of 5%, then I’m pretty sure Clinton wins outright.

You could also just appoint all the representatives and senators from the states as the electors, and be subject to perpetual gerrymandering.

While I agree that all of these methods are a priori reasonable, indeed, much much more reasonable than the weird tiered first-past-the-post method employed currently, I think they still suffer from the fact that small changes in the rules (Huntington-Hill versus D’Hondt, barrage or no barrage) can completely change the results point again to the sheer ludicrousness of these systems. We’re not allocating slots in a legislature but electing a single position.

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