Social Media Litaracy through the Eyes of an Introvert.

A typical introvert is usually known to have a small social group. As a person who considers their self to be an introvert Social Media is a scary but intriguing tool.

The part that’s scary about Social Media is having to allow my social group to not only grow but be more appealing, unique and to accept people from all social types. The anxiety of writing this blog alone is in the back of my mind. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr… Reddit, Pinterest, Flickr, LinkedIn and the list goes on. With all the popular Social Media platforms listed, one has to keep in mind, that not only are there so many but they are always changing and reinventing themselves. But just as I said before Social Media is a platform, a platform to be someone other than yourself, or network to get a job after graduating from college or better yet when someone owns their own business Social Media can help assist them in reeling in new customers. 43% of companies acquire customers from their blog.

Here’s what learning how to network as an introvert has done for me in 2 months. I’ve become more involved with on campus activities especially those with Youngstown State University’s very own Student Diversity Council, became a top candidate for Student Diversity Council President, became a valued Black Student Union member and attended many events. My Social Media platforms of choice have been Snapchat and Instagram. I’ve posted up coming events, me at the events and props to the people who threw the events.

Networking has become so much fun now that I’ve really learned how to do it. It’s the most valuable, when talking about Social Media, to me. Networking is easy and if done the right way it can give you opportunities to do and become anything. As an introvert I consistently try to only associate with people who are necessary in my life like: friends, family and educators. Building a network through Social Media can be as easy as asking your friend to share 3 followers you don’t have or 3 Snapchat friends that you don’t have. Another way could be starting conversations with a couple of people you wouldn’t normally talk to throughout the day. After college the job search can be made easy if you’ve networked well. A lot of people find jobs without networking but networking is an excellent tool to make the job search less grueling.

You might ask, how is networking easy for an introvert? I’ve found that most introverts are critical thinkers so thinking of Social Media as a platform to be successful by any means necessary. I’m not saying be fake and be someone you aren’t but let Social Media be the voice you were always afraid of using. And if you can’t do that then maybe you should fake it ‘til you make it.

Here are some effective Networking tips to get you in the right direction:

  • Number 1: Figure out who matters most. Now don’t get me wrong everyone matters, in there own way, but some can be more helpful and beneficial to know more than others.
  • Number 2: Find easy ways to engage with people. This is important because it makes Number 1 a lot easier. If you’re on a plane or a train or in a class room introduce yourself to those around you because you never know who they may know.
  • Number 3: Don’t always look for people who can help you. Try to be a person that’s willing to give maybe a portion of your time, work and effort without anything in return. This will leave a lasting impression on people which leads to Number 4.
  • Number 4: Be intriguing/ interesting. Most people don’t work for free, I’m not saying do it for everyone, but that’s why all these tips work together.

Important people often come along when you least expect it.

If it seems like this blog doesn’t make much sense with the title, I’ll explain. After networking in the beautiful platform of Social Media I have found that I can no longer truly call myself a Social Media introvert. Ive exposed myself and developed connections and communication skills with people from everywhere with different backgrounds. I may be exaggerating about the everywhere part but honestly, everyone is connected. People now think I’m a “Social butterfly”, at least my peers do. I know people who are entrepreneurs, business owners and supervisors but I also know people who are a part of janitorial staffs, mechanics and painters. No matter what I know I have a connection with someone who can help me with just about anything. As a college student the phrase “It’s who you know” works in my favor these days.

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